Ainslie Wills shares new single ‘Northern Star’, announces EP

"It’s about feeling a little directionless and waiting for the shift to come"

Ainslie Wills has announced she has a new three-track EP on the way, marking the news with the release of an expansive single titled ‘Northern Star’.

The track is a departure from Wills’ usual pared-back sound, featuring lush production and elements of piano and saxophone. Speaking of the song on her social media, Wills said it’s about “feeling a little directionless and waiting for the shift to come”.

Listen to the single below:


“So, I made an EP. And this is the first song from it – Northern Star,” Wills wrote, not revealing the forthcoming EP’s title or confirming a release date.

“It was written pre-pandemic times but coincides with the feeling that many of us are experiencing now. James Knight was my co-collaborator on this, he’s a witty and very talented Englishman and turned my piano and vocal ballad into an interstellar playground.”

“The kernel of this song began with me at the piano playing a semi gospel-style tune,” she elaborated to Pilerats.

“The concept of finding one’s Northern Star had been orbiting around my head for a while and landed into a very simple narrative of someone experiencing intense loss and wanting to anchor themselves again.”


Wills shared her first single of 2021 back in March, titled ‘This Is What Our Love Looks Like Now‘.

In 2020 she teamed up with Nashville-based artist Old Sea Brigade for ‘Detour’, collaborating from their respective parts of the globe.

Earlier that same year she released a cover of John Farnham‘s 1988 hit ‘Two Strong Hearts’, alongside a video filmed in lockdown.