Akurei releases three-track project, ‘HAIRDYE’

His second EP of the year

Brisbane producer Akurei has released a new three-track project today (September 2), titled ‘HAIRDYE’.

It’s his second mini-EP of the year, following on from ‘SEROTONIN’ which came out in June and also comprised three songs.

As well as its title track, ‘HAIRDYE’ features the lo-fi tunes ‘STAY AROUND’ and ‘CHARLOTTE’, amounting to a short but sweet EP with a total runtime of under ten minutes. It was co-mixed by friend and collaborator Golden Vessel, and released via the pair’s record label, sumoclic.


Listen below:

Akurei, real name Connor Grant, announced the release of ‘HAIRDYE’ on Instagram, writing “some of my favourite songs I’ve ever written are on this project”.

Grant explained more about how the project came together in a press statement.

“This one feels a little more transparent and rawer for me, which I always admire in the music I love,” he said. “For the most part, these songs were written and explored on guitar before they hit the Ableton session which I found really refreshing.”

“HAIRDYE, the focus track, came together on a Saturday night-in. It was a cathartic song to put together, one of the occasions in which I felt I learnt a little more about myself in the process of writing it.”


When Grant dropped ‘SEROTONIN’ in June, C-Heads Magazine reported that it was “said to be the first of three” EPs he planned on releasing in 2020. With ‘HAIRDYE’ the second release for the year, that leaves one more to follow in the coming months.

“I started thinking writing for this project almost immediately after I put out my last EP ‘September’, but it really came together in February,” he said in C-Heads Magazine at the time.

“I took Maxwell and Caleb (Emerson Leif) out to regional Queensland for three days to write music and be creative without any distractions. It was hugely refreshing and productive, we left with the bones of six songs.”