Alex Cameron announces new album ‘Oxy Music’, drops new single ‘Best Life’

Cameron described the new album as "an intercontinental affair"

Alex Cameron returns with a cautiously optimistic new single, ‘Best Life’, lifted straight from his forthcoming album, ‘Oxy Music’.

‘Best Life’ sees the artist continue to explore themes of drug use and the distortion it has on contemporary reality, while adding an extra layer that gives rise to feelings of insecurity that occur from one’s online presence.

Of the new single, which was released today (January 21), Cameron said in a press release: “The Internet. Our great Totem of information dedicated to the Gods yet to visit from a future born out of 7.9 billion online versions of human history.


“And holding it up, the weight bearing colossus of whisper-solid data and hollow columns of caps locked opinions and giant pillars of twisted logic. Zero Likes. Zero Comments. Zero shares… The greatest show on earth performed to an audience of nobody.

“Let’s face it, we’ll never make content good enough for the Gods above. Let’s leave that to the disciples. The rest of us can just stay out here, living our best lives.”

Check out Cameron indeed, flaunting his best life, in the official music video below:

On the trajectory of ‘Oxy Music’ – whose tracklist you can find below – Cameron said: “The album is a story, a work of fiction, mostly from the perspective of a man. Starved of meaningful purpose, confused about the state of the world, and in dire need of a reason to live. This is one of those people.”

The album was produced by Cameron with Justin Nijssen and Lilah Larson. In what the artist described as “an intercontinental affair”, he is joined by longtime collaborator Roy Molloy (saxophone), Henri Lindström (drums, percussion), Justin Nijssen (bass, guitar, vocals), Lilah Larson (guitar, vocals), Jess Parsons (piano, keyboards, vocals), Chris Pitsiokos (Saxophone), Lloyd Vines (vocals), Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson (vocals), and Jackie McLean (vocals).


Due out March 11 via Secret Canadian, ‘Oxy Music’ marks the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Miami Memory’.

In November 2021, Cameron dropped his only single of the year, ‘Sara Jo’, marking a new thematic arc for the singer-songwriter and the first taste of new music since ‘Miami Memory’.

In a three-star review of ‘Miami Memory’, NME noted how the usually comic Cameron “dials down the irony for a semi-sincere album”.

“What does Alex Cameron’s irony steeped parody of toxic masculinity add to the discussion, beyond demonstrating that he’s got some self-awareness?”

Alex Cameron’s ‘Oxy Music’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Best Life’
2. ‘Sara Jo’
3. ‘Prescription Refill’
4. ‘Hold the Line’
5. ‘Breakdown’
6. ‘K Hole’
7. ‘Dead Eyes’
8. ‘Cancel Culture (ft. Lloyd Vines)’
9. ‘Oxy Music (ft. Jason Williamson)’

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