Listen to Alex Cameron’s new single ‘Sara Jo’

The track introduces a new thematic arc from Cameron

Alex Cameron returns with his first new music of the year, a funky yet candid new single, ‘Sara Jo’.

The track introduces a new thematic arc from Cameron, who says of ‘Sara Jo’ in a press release: “Man, I used to be such an idiot. I still am an idiot, but I used to be one too.

“The sentiment orbits around me constantly. Judgement in retrospect. Evolving identities that change just as much as they stay the same… If I could only remember who that idiot was. And so we have ‘Sara Jo’ – a search for the person responsible for all bad ideas. Cause it sure as hell isn’t me.”


It’s a funky little groove of a single, which sees Cameron in its official music video – directed by Cameron and filmed in Croatia – relay the sentiments of the track in a direct way, donning his board shorts and dancing beside a waterway, among other candid and tongue-in-cheek shots.

Watch it below:

‘Sara Jo’ marks the first release from Cameron in 2021, and the first taste of new music since the release of his most recent album, ‘Miami Memory’, in 2019.

In a three-star review of ‘Miami Memory’, NME noted how the usually comic Cameron “dials down the irony for a semi-sincere album”.


“What does Alex Cameron’s irony steeped parody of toxic masculinity add to the discussion, beyond demonstrating that he’s got some self-awareness?”