Alex Lahey shakes off her worries with catchy new single ‘Shit Talking’

It’s her second new track for the year

Right off the back of a national theatre tour, Alex Lahey has shared a shimmery new single titled ‘Shit Talking’.

Like most of Lahey’s output, the new track is catchy and melodic, with a soaring lead that carries a simple, yet effectively infectious chorus: “Ohhh / Shit talkin’, all the way home.”

In a press release, Lahey explained that the track is about the dangerous cocktail of “people pleasing, social anxieties and irrational thinking”. She continued: “We’ve all been there and I wrote this song in an attempt to shake it all off.”


Have a look at the lyric video for ‘Shit Talking’, featuring animation by Rebecca Span and art by Mike Hale, below:

‘Shit Talking’ comes as Lahey’s second new single for the year, following the release of ‘Congratulations’ back in August. Both are expected to appear on the Melbourne pop-rocker’s upcoming third album, which she recently confirmed was finished and being prepared for release next year.

Less than a week ago, Lahey wrapped up a seven-date national tour in support of ‘Congratulations’, where in Melbourne, her set was paused to allow for an actual, legally recognised wedding ceremony to be held.

Since releasing her last album, 2019’s ‘The Best Of Luck Club’, Lahey has released a further three standalone singles – ‘Sucker For Punishment’, ‘Dino’s’ (a joint effort with Gordi) and ‘On My Way’ (which recently earned her a Screen Music Award nomination) – as well as her “quarantine” EP ‘Between The Kitchen And The Living Room’, and covers of songs by Faith Hill (‘This Kiss’) and the Ramones (‘Merry Christmas’).

She’s also kept busy by writing with a cohort of her fellow Australian pop-rockers, putting her touches on songs by the likes of Approachable Members Of Your Local Community (for ‘Small Change’), Eilish Gilligan (‘Up All Night’) and Sarah Saint James (‘Heather’).