Alex Lahey wants fans to be a part of her upcoming music video

The singer is asking fans to send her vids of what they're doing in lockdown

Melbourne’s Alex Lahey is embracing the second lockdown of the year for the city, asking for fans to help contribute to her upcoming music video.

Taking to Twitter, Lahey posted a photo of her and her cat, writing “let’s make the most of locking tf down”.

“Send vids of what you’re doing to sweeten up your lockdown to and you might find your face in an upcoming music video,” she said.


If the email provided is anything to go by, it seems as the video could be for the reworking she released of her 2017 hit single ‘Every Day’s The Weekend’.

The song, which originally served as the lead single to Lahey’s debut album ‘I Love You Like A Brother’, was re-recorded in Australia’s first bout of isolation for her latest EP ‘Between The Kitchen and the Living Room’.

The EP, released by surprise at the end of May, featured five songs from Lahey’s catalogue re-recorded in her mother’s house.

“In light of having to cancel my US tour, which is supposed to be underway this very moment, I decided to bring these songs home and let them find new parts of themselves,” she said in a statement upon the EP’s release.


“I engineered and produced all of these recordings within a week in a small room in my mother’s house – which is where I have been living since I didn’t continue renting in anticipation of touring for most of the year.”