Alex The Astronaut embraces change on new single ‘Haircut’

"If you have a group of people that love you, it can help you be okay"

Alex The Astronaut has shared a new single entitled ‘Haircut’, the fourth song to be lifted from her second studio album ‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater’.

The song, released today (May 20), follows on from last year’s ‘Growing Up’ and this year’s ‘Airport’ and ‘Octopus’. All four songs will appear on the follow-up to Alex’s 2020 debut album, ‘The Theory of Absolutely Nothing’.

The singer-songwriter co-produced the song alongside three members of Brisbane indie-rock band Ball Park Music – frontman Sam Cromack, guitarist Dean Hanson and drummer Daniel Hanson.


Watch the lyric video for ‘Haircut’ below:

In a press statement, Alex notes that the song was written following a trip that she and her friends took to the Blue Mountains last year.

“We went swimming in this very cold waterfall that gave me and my friend Taz a headache because it was so cold,” she said.

“This song is about then… even though the world is a scary and sometimes mean and dangerous place to be in if you’re different, if you have a group of people that love you, it can help you be okay.”


Alex also notes that, in addition to co-producing the song, Dan Hanson can be heard in the song’s second verse “pretend[ing] to be a seagull”.

In addition to releasing a string of singles to promote the album, the Sydney-based singer-songwriter also recently interviewed retired Paralympic tennis player Dylan Alcott. The pair discussed living with their respective disabilities, as well as issues of representation and accessibility.

‘How To Grow A Sunflower Underwater’ is out on July 22.