Alex the Astronaut hits back at One Nation’s Mark Latham over climate event: “maybe have a nap”

"Maybe you should go back and have a look at climate science"

Alex the Astronaut and Jack River have defended their participation in a climate policy discussion, following criticism from One Nation NSW politician and former ALP leader Mark Latham.

On Twitter, Latham attacked the forthcoming New Energy climate change panel. The event will see politicians from multiple parties discuss climate policy and take questions from invited guests including Hack’s Avani Dias and actor Phoebe Tonkin. The event was curated by Jack River (real name Holly Rankin) with a performance from Alex the Astronaut.

“On Thursday night at the Seymour Centre, [Minister for Energy and Environment] Matt Kean and Shadow Minister for Surrender, [Labor MP] Adam Searle, will present their new joint 100% renewables policy, set to the music of ‘Alex The Astronaut’, as organised by another airhead singer, Holly Rankin,” Latham said on Twitter.


In response, Alex Lynn told Latham to “maybe have a nap” and do some more research into climate science.

“Hi Mark, strange tweet maybe have a nap, I’ve got a physics/maths degree and Holly’s studying law,” she said.

“I see you studied economics. Maybe you should go back and have a look at climate science. Scary stuff. Hope you aren’t too worked up about this. That’d be a sad way to live.”

Rankin added, “We’d love to have you along Mark, but we don’t have the venue for 30+ hrs.”



The “joint renewables policy” refers to a landmark $32billion plan put forward by the Berejiklian NSW Government to invest in private renewable energy infrastructure. The plan passed the state’s Parliament last week, supported across the board by the Labor opposition, Greens and other crossbenchers.

Latham ended up proposing 249 amendments to the bill, in what opponents who were forced to spend hours listening to him described as “the Legislative Council’s version of a filibuster”.

Latham was elected to the NSW Legislative Council in 2019. He is currently behind a bill in the state’s parliament that would “prohibit schools, teachers, and training courses from teaching gender fluidity” if passed. The legislation has been condemned by unions, respected medical bodies and other advocacy groups.

In 2018, Latham was sued for, and agreed to settle to, defamation charges brought against him by journalist and NME columnist Osman Faruqi.