Alex the Astronaut keeps swimming on new song ‘Growing Up’

It's the songwriter's first new music since releasing her debut album last year

Alex the Astronaut has shared new single ‘Growing Up’, her first since releasing debut album ‘The Theory of Absolutely Nothing’ last year.

Her first single for new label Warner, ‘Growing Up’ captures the introspective freeze-frame of small moments that permeated her first LP. It’s a ruminative cut that begins sparsely, slowly building in waves until it culminates in a soaring crescendo as Alex repeats the song’s central refrain: “Is this growing up?”

The new song arrives alongside a wholesome DIY clip that collates home videos from throughout the singer-songwriter’s life, from infancy up to adulthood. Watch that below:


In an accompanying statement, the singer – real name Alex Lynn – described feeling lost and confused amid the pandemic.

“I was all spinny and I, as everyone, wanted someone to tell me that the apocalypse happening around us was going to be perfectly okay in the end. But no one could answer any of my questions, or tie anything that was going on into a neat bow,” Lynn explained.

“Writing music had become stressful, so I started going to the beach and snorkelling around with the fish. One afternoon I was snorkelling and thinking about my questions and my friends, and it came to me that it’s just like the handbook idea,” she added.

“That at some point, everyone is kicked in the head with the realisation that there is no handbook and no answers – we’re all in this without training wheels and we just have to keep swimming together. That’s what ‘Growing Up’ is about.”


Lynn released ‘The Theory of Absolutely Nothing’ in August of 2020. In a five-star reviewNME called the album “a work of genius” that’s “gut-led, emotionally driven and full of goosebump-inducing magic”.