Alex The Astronaut shares new song and video ‘Split The Sky’

Its music video stitches together footage from all of her videos to date

Today (April 3), Alex the Astronaut has shared a new single, ‘Split The Sky’.

The track also arrived with a unique video – one stitched together from footage from Alex’s previous music videos, the Sydney musician’s solution to not being able to shoot a new clip amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the ‘Split the Sky’ video below:


The Harry Potter references in the song’s lyrics (“If I sit here and watch Harry Potter, will I be alright?“) led Alex to cheekily ask actors Oliver and James Phelps, who played Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter film franchise, to premiere the track on Twitter yesterday (April 2).

Per a press statement, Alex says ‘Split The Sky’ is a “message of hope”.

“I was trying to get myself to understand that, no matter what happens, there will always be that kid waiting – that the seasons will fall around and you’ll be in the sun again at some point. Watching Harry Potter is good for me and helps me to go back to how I felt back then,” Alex said.


Of the video, Alex said that as ‘Split The Sky’ felt like an “early life crisis… it only made sense to make the video out of videos that I’d made for other moments in my song-filled life”.

“Lupa J, who edited the video, is a true genius for putting them together in such a beautiful story. This video made me cry, it has so many people I love in it. I hope it makes you cry too but in a happy cathartic good way,” she said.

‘Split The Sky’ is the second single from Alex the Astronaut this year, following ‘I Think You’re Great’. She recently performed as part of the second edition of the ISOL-AID livestream music festival.

Alex the Astronaut is due to play Splendour In The Grass 2020, which has been postponed to October.