Ali Barter announces new EP ‘Chocolate Cake’

She's also dropped new single, 'You Get In My Way'

Ali Barter has announced details of her forthcoming EP, ‘Chocolate Cake’, delivering a slice of it with new track ‘You Get In My Way’.

‘Chocolate Cake’ will serve as the Melbourne singer-songwriter’s first project since her 2019 album, ‘Hello, I’m Doing My Best’. The EP is due out on Friday April 30.

‘You Get In My Way’ stands apart in Barter’s discography, in that the verses are almost entirely spoken word before erupting into a booming chorus.


Watch the Bryce Padovan-directed music video below:

“I wrote ‘You Get In My Way’ in Nashville in 2019,” Barter explained in a press statement.

“I was travelling without my husband and had this feeling of freedom to do all the silly things I did when I was single, like eat lolly snakes for dinner, stay up really late watching the Real Housewives or plan an impromptu trip to Brazil.”

She also said that she “often [has] funny conversations with my friends in long term relationships about the dumb things we would do if our partner wasn’t around.

“Ultimately I don’t want to do these things, but it was fun to explore the feeling of rebelling from the security of a long term relationship.”


‘You Get In My Way’ is the second cut we’ve heard from ‘Chocolate Cake’ thus far, following the release of lead single ‘Twisted Up’ last year.

2020 also saw her team up with Holy Holy‘s Oscar Dawson to deliver an “isolation love song” in 24 hours, titled ‘Four Days’.

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