Alice Ivy announces four shows at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel

Finally launching her 2020 album 'Don't Sleep'

Alice Ivy is finally getting the opportunity to give her album a proper launch, and she’s doing it with four, just-announced shows at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel.

Ivy’s second album ‘Don’t Sleep’ dropped in July, less than a week after Melbourne was thrown into what would become one of the world’s longest lockdown periods in an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

She took to social media to announce the shows, with two happening on Friday 11 December and two happening on Saturday 12 December.


Ivy also revealed that she’ll be joined by a full band across all four shows. On Friday’s shows she’ll be supported by Elizabeth, and by Ex-Olympian on Saturday’s shows.

‘Don’t Sleep’ includes a slew of features, including Montaigne, Odette, Ngaiire and Thelma Plum, whose single ‘Homecoming Queen’ was recently remixed by Ivy as part of the special one-year anniversary edition of ‘Better In Blak’.

Speaking of her love of collaborating to NME earlier this year,  Ivy said “I sought out artists who I admire, who I think are absolute game-changers in Australian music in particular.”

“It just so happened these voices are primarily female, non-binary, First Nations and artists from the LGBTQI community. I don’t mean this in a pretentious way but I feel I’m a curator of a really, really special gallery. It’s amazing being in a position as a producer to create a safe space for these artists.”