Alice Ivy teams up with SAFIA’s Benjamin Joseph for new single ‘Better Man’

Ivy's forthcoming album 'Don't Sleep' is out July 17

Melbourne producer and multi-instrumentalist Alice Ivy has today (May 27) released a new single, ‘Better Man’, featuring SAFIA frontman Benjamin Joseph and taken from her forthcoming album ‘Don’t Sleep’.

In addition, Ivy premiered the music video for the song which features comedian and radio personality Alex Dyson. Watch it below.


Ivy has also unveiled the tracklist for ‘Don’t Sleep’, featuring a smorgasbord of collaborators including Thelma Plum, Ngaiire, Odette, Bertie Blackman and more. ‘Don’t Sleep’ is out Friday July 17.

“Ben is an incredible writer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He can literally play anything so we were moving around the room picking up as many different instruments as we could and putting them on the track,” Ivy said of the collaboration.

“Ben’s writing style is different to mine… I kind of like to focus on getting the song as vibey as possible including the vocals from the get-go. When we were writing the hook we were listening to references and we got onto The Bee Gees and Ben goes ‘I haven’t pushed my falsetto that high before’, so we gave it a crack and it stuck!”

The release of ‘Better Man’ marks the fourth cut we’ve heard from ‘Don’t Sleep’ thus far, following ‘Sunrise’ with Cadence Weapon, ‘In My Mind’ with Ecca Vandal and the title track with Imbi and BOI.

Check out the full tracklist for ‘Don’t Sleep’ below:

Alice Ivy’s ‘Don’t Sleep’ tracklist is:
1. Champagne Late Nights
2. Sunrise (feat. Cadence Weapon)
3. In My Mind (feat. Ecca Vandal)
4. Ticket To Heaven (feat. Thelma Plum)
5. Don’t Sleep (feat. Imbi & BOI)
6. I’ll Find It (feat. Odette)
7. Sweetest Love (feat. Montaigne & Bertie Blackman)
8. All Hit Radio (feat. Teef & TESSA)
9. Better Man (feat. Benjamin Joseph)
10. My Turn (feat. Swsh)
11. Money (feat. Dijah SB)
12. All For You (feat. Ngaiire)
13. Gold (feat. Bertie Blackman)