Alice Skye drops dreamy new single ‘Stay In Bed’

Alongside a music video with fictional talent show 'Mob's Got Talent'

Alice Skye has released her second single of 2020 today, making a turn for the eerie and haunting with ‘Stay In Bed’.

With guitar strums reminiscent of Twin Peaks‘ iconic theme song, ‘Stay In Bed’ sees Skye frankly sing of her social anxiety and her struggle with mental illness.

Accompanying the song is a music video, directed by Triana Hernandez, that features fictional talent show, Mob’s Got Talent. It stars a case of entirely First Nations performers, including a drag queen and a violinist, with Skye and her band performing live.


Watch the video below:

“It is another song about depression and all the things you’re told or tell yourself,” Skye said of the song in a press statement.

“But ultimately it’s a love song to my friends and friends going through it together. I wrote it after talking on the phone to a friend. We’d been trying to catch up for months but the times that we both felt able to leave the house just weren’t aligning.

“We laughed on the phone about how ridiculous we felt for being so sad and it felt nice to make light of how heavy we felt for a bit.”


‘Stay In Bed’ marks Skye’s second single of the year, following on from ‘Grand Ideas‘ back in May.