Alison Goldfrapp announces album ‘The Love Invention’, shares hypnotic single ‘So Hard So Hot’

The dancefloor priestess offers up "euphoric freedom" on the latest taster of solo debut

Alison Goldfrapp has today announced her debut solo album ‘The Love Invention’, and dropped the synth-heavy new single ‘So Hard So Hot’.

The release marks the musician’s first full release as a solo artist, following her extensive career with electronic duo Goldfrapp.

Set for release on May 12, the album will see the vocalist channel her love of disco and house into an 11-track LP that captures her “forward-thinking” approach to songwriting and her “reawakening as a dancefloor priestess”.


Alison Goldfrapp 'the Love Invention'
Alison Goldfrapp ‘the Love Invention’ artwork. Credit: Press

Following on from launch single ‘Digging Deeper’, the vocalist also shared her new single ‘So Hard So Hot’ – a track that captures glossy synths and an intense bassline, paired with a classic house beat.

Accompanying the song is the hypnotic music video, which uses a range of AI techniques to see the vocalist pulled into her fantasy environment.

“I wanted to do something that had that very clubby, acid-y feeling to it,” she said of the latest track. “But I wanted lightness to come out of the chorus – there’s tension there, as well as euphoric freedom.”

According to the musician, the track seeks to reflect a mythical world that is simultaneously powerful and fragile, and represents the “instability and hope of transitional states”.


Alison Goldfrapp is also set to play a series of live shows in the UK. These include an already sold-out debut headline slot at Outernet in London and an appearance at Glastonbury. All dates and available tickets are available here.

‘The Love Invention’ is available for pre-order now and will be available on CD and vinyl, with both limited-edition green and purple variations are also offered.

‘THE LOVE INVENTION’ tracklist is:

1. ‘NeverStop’
2. ‘Love Invention’
3. ‘Digging Deeper Now’
4. ‘In Electric Blue’
5. ‘The Beat Divine’
6. ‘Fever’
7. ‘Hotel (Suite 23)’
8. ‘Subterfuge’
9. ‘Gatto Gelato’
10. ‘So Hard So Hot’
11. ‘SLoFLo’

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