Alison Mosshart shares new spoken word track ‘Animals’

From forthcoming spoken word album 'Sound Wheel'

Alison Mosshart has shared a new spoken word track titled ‘Animals’. It’s the second piece to be released from The Kills vocalist’s forthcoming spoken word album, ‘Sound Wheel’, after the singer announced the LP with lead track ‘Returning the Screw’.

As with the previous track, ‘Animals’ arrives with a self-directed video.

Watch it below:


Arriving August 7 via Third Man, ‘Sound Wheel’ is a companion piece to Mosshart’s forthcoming book Car Ma. Scheduled for release the same day, the book is a collection of paintings, photographs, short stories and poetry.

“When I was writing Car Ma, there were some passages I struggled to get right, and I got in the practice of reading them out loud and recording them, to hear and feel where words or sentences were rubbing together wrong,” explained Mosshart in a statement announcing the album.

“I’d listen back to these recordings and they’d be real informative to me in that way. This tool I was using to help me, started feeling like this whole other angle or art form. And I started thinking it would be interesting to perform/record the whole book, not in a straight up spoken word way, but more like a sound sculpture of characters and voices and miscellaneous cut ups, no rules.”

Back in May, Mosshart shared two solo singles, ‘Rise’ and ‘It Ain’t Water’. Upon the latter’s release, the singer told NME she was in the middle of writing another Kills record with bandmate Jamie Hince. The band’s last album was 2016’s ‘Ash & Ice’.


“We’ve just been writing and demoing and stuff, so we’ve got about three or four tracks that we’re really into – and then a tonne of other ones that are just in rotation that we’re working on. They sound different, but everyone will probably think they sound like us,” Mosshart said.