Alison Wonderland and phem ask ‘What Would Carole Baskin Do?’ in new song

An unofficial release inspired by Netflix’s 'Tiger King'

Australian producer and singer Alison Wonderland has unofficially released a song titled ‘WWCBD?’ inspired by Netflix’s Tiger King. The song dropped this morning (March 6), exclusively on Soundcloud, and features Californian indie artist phem. The collaboration is stylised as ‘Wut Wuld Carol Baskin Do?’.

‘WWCBD?’ walks a fine line between the two artists’ signature styles: starting off with pronounced riffs clouded in phem’s lo-fi demeanour, before exploding into dark, moody production from Alison Wonderland.


Clocking in at only one-and-a-half minutes, the song describes what it’s like to be trapped with someone and feel as though you’re wasting your time with them.

“What would Carole Baskin do?/She would probably murder you/What would Carole Baskin do?/Feed you to the tigers but/I can’t because this fire has got me paralysed again,” phem sings.

Carole Baskin featured on documentary-turned-reality TV show Tiger King as the face of Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary in Florida. As mentioned in the show, her millionaire husband Don Lewis – who she founded the sanctuary with – went missing on August 18, 1997 and was never heard from again.

Tiger King brought speculations to the surface of Baskin allegedly murdering Lewis and feeding his body to their many big cats.

Alison Wonderland followed up by tweeting out the song with a special message for Cardi B. Tagging the rapper, Wonderland said “u will like this, tiger queen” along with the Soundcloud link to stream ‘WWCBD?’.


Two days ago, Wonderland posted a photo of herself as Tiger King’s protagonist, Joe Exotic.