All Our Exes Live In Texas’ Georgia Mooney announces debut solo album

‘Full Of Moon’ is due out in August, with new single ‘Break It Off’ out now

All Our Exes Live In Texas member Georgia Mooney has announced her debut solo album, ‘Full Of Moon’, alongside the release of a new single called ‘Break It Off’.

In a press release, the singer-songwriter (who sings and plays mandolin in the aforementioned folk group) said her latest solo effort is about “being powerless to somebody’s charms”. 

She explained: “When a relationship is terribly bad for you, but the infatuation is overwhelming. When you’re not receiving enough in return, there is a desperation that the person will have a miraculous epiphany and realise they’re actually madly in love. There is an inability to let go of that hope, to the extent where the only option is to be dumped ruthlessly!” 


‘Break It Off’ arrives alongside a video directed by Jason Winston, based on a concept that Mooney devised in collaboration with Eora/Sydney-based aerobics group Retrosweat. She described it as what would happen “if Pat Benatar made an instructional workout video”, and features a visual tribute to Benedict Cumberbatch. 

“It is no secret that I have something of a celebrity crush on Benedict Cumberbatch,” Mooney said of the inclusion. “I do not suffer from celebrity worship syndrome in general, nor do I ever get star struck, I cannot explain the spell that was cast on me when first I clapped eyes and ears on Cumberbatch. Perhaps something to do with the rather lovely, clever-sounding accent and the period costume attire…

“When I wrote the lyric, ‘You’re not a patch on Benedict Cumberbatch,’ I gave myself the rest of the day off.”

Have a look at the video below:

‘Break It Off’ is the third single released from ‘Full Of Moon’, following ‘War Romance’ back in February and ‘I Am Not In A Hurry’ in March. The album itself is due out on August 25 via Nettwerk – see the cover art and tracklisting below, and find pre-orders for the record here.


1. ‘War Romance’
2. ‘I Am Not In A Hurry’
3. ‘Break It Off’
4. ‘Consider It A Gift’
5. ‘What An Inconvenience’
6. ‘Some Of Us’
7. ‘Winter Island’
8. ‘Nothing Is Forever’
9. ‘What’ll I Do’
10. ‘Soothe You’

Mooney made ‘Full Of Moon’ remotely with co-producer Noah Georgeson, working with Rob Moose on strings, Sam Dixon on bass, Ben Edgar on guitars, Evan Mannell on drums, and Marcus Hamblett on synths, guitars and horns. 

Mooney said of the process: “There was something magical about doing it remotely, it felt like Christmas morning each time I woke to an email with a new part. I think the space allowed us to be more creative. We were sending each other little musical postcards from around the world and it was profoundly meaningful to connect through music during that time. 

“Most of the musicians who played on the record, including Noah, I have never met, yet we share a special bond now.”

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