Alpha Wolf share ripping new single ‘Hotel Underground’

Their split EP with Holding Absence, 'The Lost And The Longing', lands in August

Alpha Wolf have shared their first single for the year, ‘Hotel Underground’, ahead of their split EP with Holding Absence coming out in August.

Thematically, the song takes aim at people who are complicit in the immoral dealings of others – such as political figures who feign innocence over their involvement in war crimes. In a press release, vocalist Lochie Keogh explained: “Whenever some bomb drops, there’s always those motherfuckers on the side that narrowly avoid the fallout – taking their survival as a flimsy proof of innocence, sitting with their hands over [their] ears crying ‘la la la la’.”

“Roaches, rats, locusts, pests, rodents, open your ears and listen to me: your time is coming, and I’m bringing it to you,” he said.


‘Hotel Underground’ arrives today (June 23) alongside a music video helmed by Third Eye Visuals. Have a look at that below:

‘Hotel Underground’ comes as the second preview of Alpha Wolf’s split with Holding Absence, ‘The Lost And The Longing’. The two bands had previously released the joint single, ‘Aching Longing’, on June 9. The EP itself is set to arrive on Monday August 15 via Greyscale/Sharptone, and will also feature another collab between both bands (’60cm of Steel’) as well as Holding Absence’s own track ‘Coffin’.

In announcing the record, Holding Absence described Alpha Wolf as “a band we’ve loved as people and musicians for years now”. “Were so grateful they wanted to drop this release with us,” they said.

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