Alternate version of MF DOOM’s ‘Dead Bent’ music video to be released as an NFT

Half of the proceeds will go to MF DOOM's estate

An alternative version of the late MF DOOM‘s music video for his 1999 track ‘Dead Bent’ is being released as an NFT.

Director Adam Bhala Lough, who also helmed the song’s original video, told Pitchfork that he and the colourist are the only two people who have seen the alternate video, which has been remastered.

The video was filmed in New York City in November 2000, and it was shot using 16mm
Kodak 7231 Plus-X negative black and white film.


Watch the original version of the ‘Dead Bent’ music video below.

The NFT is currently up for auction, with a reserve for 99.00 Ether (around £190,590). Fifty per cent of the proceeds from the auction will be given to the late rapper’s estate.

The video isn’t the first NFT associated with MF DOOM to be auctioned off since his passing. Augmented reality versions of the rapper’s iconic masks were auctioned off early last month.

MF Doom’s death was announced on December 31 last year, revealing that he passed two months earlier on October 31.

Tributes came from the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Run The Jewels, Playboi Carti, Kenny Beats and more.


Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke said in a tweet, “He was a massive inspiration to so many of us, changed things… for me the way he put words was often shocking in its genius, using stream of consciousness in a way i’d never heard before.”

Frequent collaborator Busta Rhymes shared some of the duo’s old music videos together, writing “(he) meant something to our culture that no other MC has because he figured out something that none of us before him and that was to be completely free!”.

Madlib, who famously worked with DOOM under the collaborative moniker Madvillain, said that DOOM was “85 per cent” complete with the sequel to the duo’s 2004 debut album ‘Madvillainy’.

Flying Lotus also had a project in the works with DOOM, saying the two were working on a joint EP together prior to his passing.

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