Amanda Palmer announces bushfire benefit with Neil Gaiman, releases Midnight Oil cover with Missy Higgins

She's also releasing a charity LP for bushfire relief

Amanda Palmer has announced a bushfire benefit in Melbourne with her husband, the author Neil Gaiman, and released a Midnight Oils cover featuring Missy Higgins.

The benefit will take place at the Forum in early March. There, Palmer will perform songs from her long-teased bushfire benefit album ‘Forty-Five Degrees: A Bushfire Charity Flash Record’ with special guests Higgins and Fred Leone, while Gaiman will read.

Higgins and Leone join Montaigne and Claire Bowditch in guesting on Palmer’s charity LP, set for a Friday (February 21) release. Brian Viglione of Palmer’s former band The Dresden Dolls and Jherek Bischoff also played on the record.


‘Forty-Five Degrees: A Bushfire Charity Flash Record’ will include a cover of the Midnight Oils classic ‘Beds Are Burning’, featuring Higgins. Listen to it below:

“It started out with piano, and just me singing. then i asked missy, and she said yes. then brian, and he said yes. then jherek…and now, HOLY SHIT, IT SOUNDS LIKE A BAND THAT WAS MEANT TO BE,” Palmer wrote of the song in a lengthy Patreon post.

The eight-track album was recorded at Melbourne’s Sing Sing Studios while Palmer completed a three-month tour of Australia. All proceeds of the record will go to Firesticks Alliance, an Indigenous-led network re-invigorating and teaching cultural land burning and management. Like all of Palmer’s current work, the charity album was crowdfunded via her active Patreon account.

“had i brought this idea to my old major label, it would have taken a minimum of 4 months to get it out into the world. shit just goes so slow when you’re dealing with corporations and huge bureaucracies and APPROVAL,” Palmer wrote.


Palmer has been touring Australia, which she has referred to as her “spiritual home”, off the back of her solo album ‘There Will Be No Intermission’ since the end of December last year.

Tickets to Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer present a Bushfire Recovery Event on March 8 are on sale now via Ticketmaster. Amanda Palmer and Friends’ ‘Forty-Five Degrees: A Bushfire Charity Flash Record’ will be available to stream from this Friday (February 21).

The tracklist of Amanda Palmer and Friends’ ‘Forty-Five Degrees: A Bushfire Charity Flash Record’ is:

1. My Favorite Things (Bushfire Edition)
2. Beds Are Burning (with Missy Higgins)
3. The Drover’s Boy
4. Black Smoke (with Clare Bowditch)
5. Suck It Up, Buttercup
6. Truganini (with Montaigne)
7. Solid Rock (with Fred Leone)
8. Regional Echo