Amy Shark announces release date for new single ‘Everybody Rise’

Due out on June 19

Amy Shark has confirmed the release date of her forthcoming single ‘Everybody Rise’.

The single, due out midnight AEST on Friday June 19, comes almost two years after the release of her debut album ‘Love Monster’, which dropped in July of 2018.


In a video posted to social media last month, Shark originally said the single was set for release on June 5. She also explained the gap between her releases.

“I haven’t put any music out in 2 years or something, ” she said.

“Mainly because I wanted to make sure this next body of work wasn’t just different from the last stuff. I wanted it to be, like, better and bigger and the best that, you know, I possibly could do. I feel like I really challenged myself.”

Shark had previously teased that new music was on the horizon in a recent interview with Matt Okine and Alex Dyson on their ‘All Day Breakfast’ podcast, saying that, “once I start I’m going to be going for a bit.”


While ‘Love Monster’ saw the Gold Coast artist collaborate with some big names, like Jack Antonoff, Joel Little and Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, Shark looks set to take her collabs to another level with this next era after spending time overseas in January writing with Ed Sheeran.

Shark also recently came under fire for a TikTok post, where she impersonated a sketch that was widely received as racist and inappropriate.

“I am sorry if I offended anyone,” Shark wrote on Twitter following the backlash.

“I can see that the TikTok I posted a couple of weeks ago was silly and inappropriate and honestly I never meant to cause any upset.”