Amy Shark apologises for “inappropriate” TikTok video

"I never meant to cause any upset"

Amy Shark has apologised for posting a video to TikTok that has widely been received as racist and inappropriate.

The TikTok video was uploaded last month to Shark’s account and featured her acting as a nail salon worker and mouthing a snippet of dialogue with an exaggerated ‘Asian’ accent.

The audio track came from a set by US comedian Anjelah Johnson filmed in 2007 which went viral almost 13 years ago, and has since found new popularity after being used in thousands of videos across TikTok which often show creators portraying the same character Shark did.


The video circulated on Twitter over the weekend after initially being shared by comedian Nina Oyama in a tweet which has since been deleted.

“Don’t forget to check on ur white friends in isolation to make sure they aren’t doing stupid bullshit like this,” Oyama wrote.

“Don’t cancel amy shark just get her to delete it and maybe explain to her why it’s bad,” she wrote in a separate tweet, which as also been deleted.

In response to the criticism, Shark has apologised online and taken down the video.

“I am sorry if I offended anyone, I can see that the TikTok I posted a couple of weeks ago was silly and inappropriate and honestly I never meant to cause any upset,” she said in a tweet this morning (May 4).


“I have taken down the video. love you all.”