Amy Shark says new music is coming in ‘Matt & Alex’ interview

"I do, I have heaps"

Amy Shark has revealed that there is new music on the horizon.

The Gold Coast-based ARIA Award winner was a guest this morning (May 7) on Matt Okine and Alex Dyson’s new daily podcast, ‘Matt & Alex’s All Day Breakfast.’

Cutting straight to the chase, Shark addressed Okine directly before saying, “We speak, you know I’ve got some music.”


“I do, I have heaps,” she continued. “It’s been two years since I’ve put anything out. I don’t know how much I can say, but once I start I’m going to be going for a bit.”

Shark also addressed the recent announcement that Falls Festival – an event she has previously played – will be going all-Australian for their 2020/21 lineup.

When asked if she had reservations about playing, Shark said that it’s “something that [she] think[s] everyone, especially musicians, are thinking about 24/7.”

“What is gonna come out of it is going to be pretty magical, and I think Falls Festival doing the all-Australian lineup is the start of it,” she aid.

“It’s such a good movement to do for our Australian music. I think we’ve got some of the biggest artists and bands ever coming through at the moment… I don’t think we’re missing out by doing that.”


She was also asked how she would feel about playing multiple shows to smaller venues, as opposed to one or two shows at larger venues.

“I think we’d do anything right now,” she said.

“I miss it…There’s some awesome albums coming out right now and great new music and I think everyone’s probably just dying to get back out there.”

“It wouldn’t matter if I was put on a hill at a market, I think I would do it if I had some music to promote.”

Listen to Amy Shark’s full interview on Matt & Alex’s podcast here.