Amy Shark reflects on songwriting with Ed Sheeran: “He’s so good at tapping into people’s stories”

Shark teased a forthcoming collaboration with Sheeran back in January

Amy Shark has reflected on her collaboration with Ed Sheeran during her BIGSOUND keynote event this morning (October 21).

Speaking to former triple j presenter Linda Marigliano, the singer explained how Sheeran, who she described as “one of the greatest of all time”, writes “completely differently” to her.

“What I learned with Ed is he works so hard, like he just doesn’t stop,” she said.


“I’m like a brat. If the song’s not sounding good in five or ten minutes, it’s not good enough, start again. I get really impatient. He grinds, he keeps going.”

Shark first teased a collaboration with Sheeran back in January, when she shared a collection of photos of them working together. Looking back on the writing sessions, Shark said the English singer was a very empathetic songwriter.

“He’s so good at tapping into people’s stories and lives. It was the first time I’d ever been in a room like this and going lyric for lyric with someone,” she explained.

“He also treats songwriting like a job. Like, he drives to this studio in Suffolk, and works ten till five and goes home for dinner.”


When asked whether she works in the same routine-based way with her home studio, Shark replied, “I’ve started going that. Especially during this tough time that we’re going through.”

“I get up… I go get a coffee and get dressed as if I’m going out for the day, and I just start working on music,” she said.

Shark didn’t share much information on her forthcoming second album during the event, nor when the collaboration with Sheeran will be released. Her joint single with Blink-182’s Travis Barker, titled ‘C’mon’, will be released this Friday (October 23).