Andy Golledge shares two luminous new singles, ‘New Stamp’ and ‘Baby Mumma’

Both tracks were influenced by the rock ’n’ roller’s infectiously energetic live shows

Sydney-based rock ‘n’ roll artist Andy Golledge has shared two new tracks: the barn-stomping ‘New Stamp’ and the soulful ‘Baby Mumma’.

The music video for ‘New Stamp’ was produced by Yeah, Rad and comprises video footage shot by Golledge and his crew on tour, while the clip for ‘Baby Mumma’ was written, directed and produced by Aimée-Lee X. Curran.

Check them out below:


In a press release, Golledge explained that both tracks were influenced by the passionate energy he channels in his live performances. ‘New Stamp’, for example, “originally had a softer, bluesy vibe, but evolved through performance as a means to get drunk people at the Sando to pay attention.

“Similarly, ‘Baby Mumma’ came to life when the band formed about [six years] ago. It was a very different song to the one you hear today, it’s evolved from a folk song into a country gospel song over the years, very much due to performing it to audiences over time and it slowly become a sing-along.”

Premiered on Double J and Radio Kix, respectively, ‘New Stamp’ and ‘Baby Mumma’ come as the first two songs Golledge has released for 2021, following the ‘Namoi’ EP in February of 2020 (which featured the single ‘Every Time I See Your Picture On My Telephone’), and the standalone single ‘Ghost Of Love’ that November.


Though it’s not confirmed the new tracks will appear on Golledge’s next full-length release, today’s (August 5) press release notes that a new record is on the way, described by the artist as “the road trip of my life so far”.

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