Angie McMahon opens up about mental health struggles in intimate new interview

The Melbourne artist was in conversation with her manager and dear friend, Charlotte Abroms

Angie McMahon has opened up about her struggles with mental health, from anxiety around releasing her debut single ‘Slow Mover’, to the overwhelming sense of things moving too fast when her music garnered attraction worldwide, in a new interview shared by artist manager, Charlotte Abroms.

The intimate piece sees the pair discuss their relationship, career highlights and the mentally taxing side of touring.

Abroms recalls, “I remember when we were in London and we put tickets on sale [for headline shows at The Forum] and everything was moving so quickly. We were staying in the same place and you were in a bedroom with the door shut, and I remember knocking on the door and opening it.


“You were crying, you were almost inconsolable. That was a really important moment for me because we both told each other that we didn’t have to do this anymore if we didn’t want to. Can you remember what that feeling was like?”

“That conversation was actually incredible,” McMahon answers, “It was anxiety. I remember the feeling building up over a few days. You and I were in London, and it was a classic example of how quickly everything was moving. I didn’t have time to process that we were about to sell tickets to The Forum.

“That’s what happens to me, I get anxious and I build it up physically inside of me until it explodes into crying. I’m so glad that you were there for it. What I’ve learned is so important in those moments when someone is suffering, is to create a space where you remind someone that they are in control. You were like, “We don’t have to do this” and immediately I was like, “But I want to do this.” You told me I could walk away from this at any time and I could choose to turn things down, and I was reminded that I didn’t want to turn things down.”

The cathartic interview was posted to Kind Face Creative – a website developed by Abroms to “house a multitude of creative ventures.” Read the full interview here.

McMahon also shares her thoughts on social media as a “digital room” (“it’s such a privilege to be able to share art… But just because there’s a certain amount of people following me on Instagram, doesn’t mean I feel entitled to their money”) and explains the meanings behind some of her most beloved lyrics.


Angie McMahon is set to release her next EP ‘Piano Salt’ on October 2. It’ll feature a selection of re-worked songs from her 2019 debut album ‘Salt’, along with covers of Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘The River’ and Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Born To Die’.

McMahon’s recent digital solo piano concert will be livestreamed online again on October 7. Tickets can be found here.

Abroms made headlines in March when she started a fundraiser to aid Aussie creatives whose careers were impacted by COVID-19. Her management agency reps the likes of McMahon and Ainslie Wills.