Angie McMahon debuts new song ‘Staying Down Low’

Her forthcoming EP, 'Piano Salt', comes out this October

Angie McMahon has premiered a new track, ‘Staying Down Low’, first performed last night (August 2) on The ABC’s The Sound music show.

The performance was recorded at Melbourne’s well-known Bakehouse Studios and featured drums from Lachlan O’Kane. Listen to ‘Staying Down Low’ below:


Last week, McMahon live-streamed a solo piano concert after her global headline tour was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the concert, McMahon performed tracks from her 2019 debut album, ‘Salt’, as well as some others. A portion of the proceeds made from the concert were directed toward Clothing The Gap’s Free The Flag campaign, which calls for WAM Clothing to release its worldwide exclusive copyright of the Aboriginal Flag.

Both the new track and McMahon’s livestream concert come before the release of ‘Piano Salt’, her forthcoming EP which reimagines tracks from her debut LP. ‘Piano Salt’ arrives on October 2.

“I’m trying to arrange gentle piano versions of the cornerstones of the record,” McMahon told NME Australia back in May.

“’Salt’ has a few big rock songs on it and when I had finished those songs, I felt like I had the shape of the record. I felt like I had its heart.