Angie McMahon shares cover of Oh Pep!’s ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’

The cover is released as part of record label Dualtone's 20th anniversary compilation album

Angie McMahon has released a cover of fellow Australian act Oh Pep!’s track ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’.

McMahon’s cover retains a similar tempo and feel to the original, but switches up the instrumentation with an electric guitar and piano taking the lead.

The cover is part of a greater collection from record label Dualtone, the catalogue of which features albums from McMahon and Oh Pep!. The forthcoming compilation, titled ‘Amerikinda’, celebrates the label’s 20th anniversary and includes contributions from The Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov and more.


Listen to the cover here:

McMahon’s rendition of ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’ follows her cover of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ arriving on streaming services last month, after being initially released early last year.

“Oh Pep! are one of my biggest songwriting inspirations, as well as being beautiful friends of mine,” McMahon said in a statement.

“I used to sit in the car outside my house after working long late night shifts, processing another day by listening to the magical words of ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’. This song is like medicine to me.”


McMahon released her latest EP, ‘Piano Salt’, in 2020, a collection of reimagined, piano-led versions of tracks from her 2019 debut album, ‘Salt’.

Around the same time, she also performed a live-streamed concert celebrating the EP’s release, where she covered ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’ on the piano.

The singer is currently lined up to perform sets at West Set Festival and VIVID Live, after making recent appearances at Meadow and Brunswick Music Festival.

‘Tea, Milk & Honey’ is lifted from Oh Pep’s 2016 debut album, ‘Stadium Cake’. The duo followed it up with their second album, ‘I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You…’ in 2018.