Anne-Marie releases new single with Doja Cat, ‘To Be Young’

The third single from Anne-Marie's yet-to-be-announced second album

Anne-Marie has teamed up with Doja Cat for the release of her third single of 2020, entitled ‘To Be Young’. The track hit streaming services today (July 17).

Co-written with Billy Walsh, Louis Bell and Delacey, ‘To Be Young’ marks Anne-Marie’s first release since she dropped ‘Birthday’ in February and ‘Her’ in March.

This is, however, the latest in a string of features Doja has done this year. Following the Nicki Minaj remix of ‘Say So’ and her original track for the Birds Of Prey soundtrack, ‘Boss Bitch’, Doja has also hopped on ‘Pussy Talk’ with City Girls and ‘Shimmy’ with Lil Wayne. She also appeared on remixes of The Weeknd‘s ‘In Your Eyes’ and Ari Lennox’s ‘BMO’.


On Instagram, Anne-Marie shared that the music video for the track will premiere today at 1pm BST.

‘To Be Young’ also serves as the third single from Anne-Marie’s yet-to-be-announced second studio album, following the release of her debut album ‘Speak Your Mind’ in 2018.

“At its best, the album is a selection of polished and inoffensive pop songs, but at its worst, it’s forgettable,” NME said of ‘Speak Your Mind’ upon its release.

“‘Heavy’ feels weightless and anonymous, and the album’s opener ‘Cry’ is a jumble of scattered beats and well-intentioned hooks, none of which quite land the killer blow.

“When Anne-Marie incorporates her dubstep influences on ‘Bad Girlfriend’ (she’s a big fan of Enter Shikari), she’s at her most intriguing, but these moments are frustratingly few and far between.”


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