Annie Mac announces her debut novel ‘Mother Mother’

"I hope that it moves readers in some way, and even stays with them for a while"

Annie Mac has announced that she’ll be releasing her debut novel Mother Mother.

Set to be published through Wildfire Books on May 27, 2021, Mother Mother is described as “a powerful coming-of-age novel and an intimate family study.”

The synopsis for the novel reads: “Mary McConnell grew up longing for information about the mother she never knew, who died suddenly when Mary was only a baby. Her brother Sean was barely old enough to remember, and their father numbed his pain with drink.


“Now aged 35, Mary has lived in the same house her whole life. She’s never left Belfast. She has a son, TJ, who’s about to turn 18, and is itching to see more of the world.

“One Saturday morning, TJ wakes up to find his mother gone. He doesn’t know where – or why – but he’s the only one who can help find her.”

In a series of tweets posted earlier today (October 12), Mac shared some thoughts on Mother Mother and detailed her previous writing experience, sharing that she has “always written private journals, poems, observations on life. It was something I did to keep my life and thoughts in check”.

“Two years ago I started writing a scene set in Belfast and writing it felt so good I enrolled in a six-month writing course to help me with the discipline to start a body of work,” the BBC Radio 1 DJ and presenter explained. “That was the beginning of a learning journey that took me on some unforgettable research trips to Belfast and many instances of sloping off upstairs to write.”


“I’m so grateful to have been given a chance to publish the finished novel, and I hope that it moves readers in some way, and even stays with them for a while,” she added. “Mother Mother is a story about family ties, addiction, the resilience of women and the Teflon-strength bond that can exist between a mother and a son.

“It is about the cost of unconditional love, but also about finding light in the darkest of places.”

Earlier this year, Annie Mac presented Courtney Love with the Icon Award at the NME Awards 2020.

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