Anti Fade Records’ headquarters damaged in fire

The label's manager broke the news in an Instagram post

The Melbourne headquarters of Anti Fade Records have been damaged by a fire.

Billy Gardner, the label’s manager, broke the news in an Instagram post yesterday (April 19), sharing an image which shows at least one room was decimated by the flames.

In his post, Gardner explained Anti Fade staff are currently in the process of determining the extent of the damage but assured listeners that, aside from minor burns to one man, “everyone is ok”.

“Anti Fade HQ will be down for a while. Not entirely sure how much is lost yet but it could be way worse. Stay safe everyone,” Gardner wrote on Instagram.

In a statement to NME, Gardner said the label would prefer not to accept donations at this time, but hinted that a fundraiser t-shirt may be released to allow fans to contribute to the label’s recovery effort.

Gardner declined to comment about the origins of the fire until the damage has been properly and professionally assessed.

Anti Fade Records is one of Australia’s best-loved independent labels and has been responsible for releases by acts such as Parsnip, Alien Nosejob, Bananagun and Cereal Killer.

The label is also behind the annual Geelong music festival, Jerk Fest, which went ahead in March this year.