Approachable Members Of Your Local Community share new single ‘Not My Vibe’

It's the third single the band have released since the addition of vocalist Sage Mellet last year

Melbourne’s Approachable Members Of Your Local Community have shared a new single titled ‘Not My Vibe’.

Written with Alex Lahey along with Lareun Coutts, it’s the third single the band have released since the addition of member Sage Mellet, with Mellet and Josh Blashki sharing vocals. As with much of their work, production was handled by the band’s drummer, Sam Korman.

“Good relationships are transformative. They teleport us to far away lands. To intergalactic worlds. Humans together, relating to each other, bonding is inspirational. Moving,” the band said of the new song in a statement.


“We can energise each other all the way into the wide expanses of the cosmos. ‘Not My Vibe’ is about pushing for clarity and commitment, because flings were so 2010.” Listen below:

Approachable Members expanded into a quintet last year with the addition of Mellet. They released two singles in 2021 – ‘Strong Enough’ and ‘Just Say It’ – both of which centred Mellet’s vocals.

When announcing Mellet had joined the band last year, Korman explained that he had asked her to lay down placeholder vocals on a song he was working on. After sending off the demo to his bandmates, bassist Micky Fisher replied asking who the singer was, and if she could join the band.

To coincide with the new single, the band have announced they’ll perform a free show at Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel next month on August 5. Closer to home, they’ll support Spain’s Hinds on July 24 at Howler in Melbourne.

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