Archie Roach shares stirring new song ‘One Song’, announces anthology album

The 44-track album, 'My Songs: 1989-2021', will compile Roach's well-loved songs from his esteemed career

Archie Roach has announced he’ll be releasing a 44-track anthology album, marking the news with a stirring new single titled ‘One Song’.

Roach shared the six-minute track today (February 11). It’s a sparse, yet incredibly moving story of Country and connection, and passing cultures on to future generations. Backed by gentle acoustic guitar, the 66-year-old Gunditjmara and Bundjalung artist lets his warm voice carry the beautiful lyrics, a testament to his status as a music icon.

Listen to ‘One Song’ below.


The anthology album, ‘My Songs: 1989-2021’, will comprise 44 songs from Roach’s esteemed career, including ‘Took The Children Away’, ‘Charcoal Lane’, ‘We Won’t Cry’ (with Paul Kelly), and many others. It is set for release on March 11.

Roach is set to hit the road next month for a slew of shows from late March through to late April. The tour has already been rescheduled four times in the last 12 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s set to be his last run of shows around New South Wales, with the singer saying: “My health is my biggest challenge and coming to NSW in March/April will be my final NSW road tour.”

Back in 2021, Roach revealed just how much his health had been affecting him, telling The Guardian that he’d been ferried to the ARIAs the previous year in an ambulance. Despite this, he performed ‘Took The Children Away’ at the 2020 awards ceremony, where he was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

Archie Roach’s ‘My Songs: 1989-2021’ tracklist is: 

1. ‘Hung Over (Demo)’
2. ‘Open Up Your Eyes’
3. ‘Bicentennial Blues’
4. ‘No Celebrations’
5. ‘Took The Children Away’
6. ‘Charcoal Lane’
7. ‘Summer Of My Life’
8. ‘Tell Me Why’
9. ‘Weeping In The Forest’
10. ‘A Child Was Born Here’ feat. Tiddas
11. ‘From Paradise’
12. ‘Walking Into Doors’
13. ‘Beggar Man’
14. ‘River Song’
15. ‘Dancing Shoes’ feat. Tiddas’
16. ‘Colour Of Your Jumper (Demo)’
17. ‘Move It On’
18. ‘Small Child’
19. ‘Morning Star’ feat. Tiddas
20. ‘Mission Ration Blues’
21. ‘Alien Invasion’
22. ‘This Woman (Demo)’
23. ‘I Don’t Wanna Go (Demo)’
24. ‘Mulyawongk (Demo)’
25. ‘Take Your Time (Demo)’
26. ‘Travellin’ Bones’
27. ‘Lighthouse (Song For Two Mothers)’
28. ‘Spirit Of Place’
29. ‘Old People Singing’
30. ‘Your Old Ones’
31. ‘Into The Bloodstream’
32. ‘We Won’t Cry’ feat. Paul Kelly
33. ‘Old Mission Road’
34. Song To Sing
35. ‘Let Love Rule’ feat. Dhungala
36. ‘Get Back To The Land’
37. ‘Love Sweet Love’ feat. Emma Donovan
38. ‘Mighty Clarence River’
39. ‘One For Each Person, And One For The Pot’
40. ‘Always Be Here’ feat. Sally Dastey
41. ‘Rally Round The Drum’ feat. Paul Kelly
42. ‘Nopun Kurongk’
43. ‘Place Of Fire’
44. ‘One Song’