Art vs Science’s Dan Williams believes he contracted coronavirus from an Uber ride

His bandmate Jim Finn has also tested positive

Art vs Science’s Dan Williams, who has tested positive for the coronavirus, believes he contracted it from an Uber ride.

In an interview with the ABC, Williams explained he suspects he contracted the virus after taking an Uber ride on March 14. Health authorities believe it was the lingering particles in the car that led to him contracting the virus – demonstrating how the virus can remain on surfaces in public spaces and be transmitted indirectly.

“Apparently either the driver or someone in the car before me had tested positive,” he told ABC’s 7.30.


“It seems like maybe that’s where I caught it from… Either that or I caught it and gave it to the Uber driver, which I would feel terrible about.”

Williams went to a band rehearsal on March 16, and was tested for COVID-19 with his partner on March 19. Since then, his Art vs Science bandmate Jim Finn has also tested positive for COVID-19.

“Seems like he would have got it from me, which is a pretty messed up feeling,” Williams said.

On March 27, Williams and Finn confirmed they had contracted the virus in a post on Art vs Science’s Facebook page. Both members are currently self-isolating.

“Dan W and Jim have been two of the unlucky ones that have contracted the virus. Luckily their symptoms ain’t too bad, apart from BOREDOM,” they wrote. Their post also lent support to the #STAYINALIVE campaign, which encourages Australians to stay home to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Friends! It’s more important than ever right now for the lives of countless people to STAY INSIDE! Dan W and Jim have…

Posted by Art vs Science on Thursday, March 26, 2020


Art vs Science released their latest single, ‘Zeus in the Architecture’, back in May 2019, in addition to releasing a remastered version of their self-titled EP to celebrate a decade since its premiere.

A number of Aussie musicians besides Williams and Finn have also been treated for the coronavirus. These include Jaguar Jonze, Thelma Plum and a member of Ocean Grove.