Ashwarya releases debut EP, shares music video for ‘Love Again’

'Nocturnal Hours' features singles 'Biryani', 'Comin@ME', 'To The Night' and 'Psycho Hole'.

Ashwarya has released her debut EP, ‘Nocturnal Hours’, marking the occasion with a music video for the track ‘Love Again’.

‘Love Again’ pairs whispered Billie Eilish-esque vocals against sparse piano chords. The video clip features the singer in a dimly lit room, tied up in a blanket and surrounded by screens.

Watch the video below:


In a statement, Ashwarya said ‘Love Again’ was her favourite song she’s ever written “because of how daunting it was for me to get so vulnerable”.

“I find myself reflecting on the end of a complicated and bittersweet relationship, doubting I will ever be able to give myself to someone so irrevocably, as I did in the past,” she said.

“Deciding to walk away from someone you love is never easy, and I hope everyone can connect to this song like I do.”

‘Nocturnal Hours’ includes Ashwarya’s previously released singles, ‘Biryani’, ‘Comin@ME’, ‘To The Night’ and debut single ‘Psycho Hole’. The singer will be celebrating the EP’s arrival with Melbourne and Sydney shows in July and August, respectively.


Ashwarya was included in the NME 100 for 2021, with her sound described as “left-leaning pop that takes hit-making precision and makes it personal”.

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