ASTRO traverse whimsical worlds in music video video for ‘Candy Sugar Pop’

The boyband’s third studio album ‘Drive to the Starry Road’ is out now

ASTRO have returned with a vibrant music video for ‘Candy Sugar Pop’, the lead single off their third studio album ‘Drive To The Starry Road’.

In the new visual, ASTRO travel through strange worlds, including one with a neon-lit desert and another filled with pink clouds. Each member is seen enjoying a bright red lollipop, which appears to take them to different universes.

My candy sugar pop, tell me wherever / Take one step closer, tell me to take you tonight / Right there is the ocean view / Blue wave, flower bloom,” they sing on the upbeat chorus. Later, they embark on a drive together through the galaxy as giant pieces of candy float past them.


‘Candy Sugar Pop’ is the title track of ASTRO’s third studio album ‘Drive To The Starry Road’, which dropped at the same time on May 16. The record includes solo tracks by each member, a first for the boyband.

Notably, the record arrived a week after member MJ began his mandatory military service. The singer had announced the date of his enlistment at the boyband’s sixth anniversary fan meeting event last month: “I was so happy to meet AROHA (ASTRO’s fanbase) for the first time in a long while, and I will return as a cooler and more mature version of myself.”

Back in March, the boyband’s members Moonbin and Sanha made their return with their second mini-album titled ‘REFUGE’, along with its title track ‘WHO’.

“Our top priority this year is to be with the fans, and to meet them face-to-face,” said Sanha during the duo’s recent interview with NME. “We’ll be seeing our fans in Korea soon, and hopefully internationally as well.”

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