ATEEZ say they don’t want to be “limited to a certain spectrum” on ‘Zero: Fever Pt. 3’

“This comeback was particularly exciting and nerve-racking,” Yunho added

ATEEZ have made their return with ‘Zero: Fever Pt. 3’, their second mini-album of 2021.

The project dropped alongside a powerful video for title track ‘Deja Vu’. The clip largely focuses on the group’s sleek choreography, and features a number of locations, including a rainy rooftop and car junkyard during a storm.

“I go insane / The moment we met each other’s eyes / I couldn’t stop / I feel an endless thirst / Know you get déjà vu,” they snig on the groovy chorus of the R&B-inspired song.


During a recently press conference for ‘Zero: Fever Pt. 3’, member Mingi spoke about how ‘Deja Vu’ was the first time the group tried a “sensual concept that goes beyond restrained sexiness and maturity”, per Soompi.

The group also expressed their desire to show their fans “something completely new”, with ‘Zero: Fever Part 3’ being their first release appearing on the Mnet reality TV series Kingdom: Legendary War. “We focused a lot on the details when we practiced,” Yunho said. “This comeback was particularly exciting and nerve-racking”

“During these [promotional activities for ‘Zero: Fever Pt. 3’], I want to hear [from fans and listeners] that ATEEZ arent’t limited to a certain spectrum,” San added.

‘Zero: Fever Pt. 3’ also notably marks the return of Mingi, who went on hiatus last year due to health issues. “Through counselling therapy, long rest and his constant efforts, Mingi has regained his health,” the agency said.


KQ Entertainment added that through discussions with Mingi, the idol’s parents and a counsellor, the company determined that the rapper can return to promotional activities “without difficulties.”

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