Audrey Powne shares new single ‘Taboo’

Lifted from her forthcoming EP 'Bed I Made'

Melbourne singer-songwriter Audrey Powne has shared a brand-new single, entitled ‘Taboo’. The track is lifted from her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Bed I Made’. Listen to it below:

‘Bed I Made’ is slated for release in August this year. Powne, who recently relocated to New York City, recorded the EP in Brooklyn with producer Tariq Khan, known for his work with artists including R&B singer Bilal and the mysterious artist/producer Slingbaum.


Per a press release, the song features Powne on both vocals and trumpet, taking influences from artists like Meshell Ndegeocello and her jazz idol, Roy Hargrove.

According to Powne, the song was written on “a 49-key, $100 M-Audio midi keyboard”, just two days prior before she was scheduled to record her EP.

“[‘Taboo’] really came together as the culmination of everything I’ve loved and strived for musically,” Powne said in a statement.

“I knew I wanted to write something that grooved hard and that I could sing and play trumpet on. It was kind of sparked by necessity more than anything else… I wanted to play this groove with this band and I wanted to play trumpet so I wrote it for that exact purpose.”

Powne also explained the song’s narrative as being “about doing something wrong unintentionally”.

“Sometimes you lose control of situations whether it’s losing control of yourself and your desires or being at the mercy of another person which can result in behaviour against the social mores or “taboo”, she said.


“Personally the lyrics speak to my own experience falling into a situation and doing things I wouldn’t like to do again but submitting to the fact it’s inevitable we make mistakes and sometimes hurt people unintentionally. I guess I hope people can relate to this sense of shame and regret.”

Before moving to New York City, Powne was known for fronting Melbourne alt-R&B group Leisure Centre (formerly known as The Do Yo Thangs). The outfit released their debut album ‘Mind Full’ in 2018.