AURORA is performing Oscar nominated ‘Frozen 2’ song ‘Into The Unknown’ at this year’s Academy Awards

"Woopeti WOOOP"

AURORA is set to perform her Oscar nominated track with Idina Menzel ‘Into The Unknown’ from Frozen 2 at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the track has seen her monthly Spotify listeners increase by 232% – now at 8.3 million, 100k new subscribers on YouTube and 53k followers on Instagram.

Taking to Twitter, AURORA wrote: “Woopeti WOOOP I’ll be performing at the oscars. Yes yes. Very strange. Very nice!”


Last week, the track was nominated for ‘Best Original Song’ at this year’s forthcoming LA ceremony alongside ‘I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away’ from Toy Story 4, ‘(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again’ (Rocketman), ‘I’m Standing With You’ (Breakthrough) and ‘Stand Up’ (Harriet).

Meanwhile, she recently spoke of her experience of collaborating with The Chemical Brothers – and how she left them a little shook up when she got lost in the woods during a birthday party of Tom Rowlands’ daughter.

“I’ve always loved Chemical Brothers, ever since I was a sperm,” she said. “I love dancing to it. It has a gumption in it. I just got an email one beautiful day in 2017 and it said, ‘Hello this is Tom and I like your music, your words and I would love for you to write something with us for our next album’. I don’t really care much about who people are, but it was the only time I’ve had a *gasp* moment in my life, because I don’t really get starstruck either.

AURORA continued: “Then I went to his house and forgot to order a hotel so I got to stay in his attic. It was beautiful. His daughter had a birthday, so I was kind of crashing her party so I said ‘No, it’s OK – I will go out for a walk in the woods while you celebrate.


“But I was out for like five hours and they were really worried. There’s no reception there so they couldn’t call me, so I think I made the birthday worse. I was out in the forest in the night and it was really dark too and I just disappeared. I came back with twigs in my hair.”

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