AURORA joined on-stage by Qing-Feng during first concert in Taiwan

The pair performed their duet 'Storm'

Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA‌ performed her first concert in Taiwan on February 21, and was joined on stage by Mandopop artist Qing-Feng.

Performing at Zepp New Taipei in Taiwan, AURORA took to the stage telling over 2,000 fans: “Taipei, I am finally here! I’m so happy to come because Qing-Feng is here!”

For her encore, AURORA brought Qing-Feng to the stage to perform their duet ‘Storm’, which was released in 2022.


Before they started the song, Qing-Feng explained to AURORA that the English lyric “come again” in the chorus sounds like “bucket of chicken”, to which she responded with an imitation of a chicken clucking.

Watch the duet below.

The two labelmates connected in 2021 and after a year of making music at a distance and collaborating online, the pair developed a strong friendship, eventually meeting up face-to-face in Norway to complete the song’s final recording.

In January, AURORA teased upcoming new material in an Instagram Story, saying she was working on “so many babies” in the studio.

In her Instagram Story posted on January 5, AURORA wrote, “I’m in the studio making so many babies. Delicious babies.” The enigmatic singer wished fans a happy new year, concluding, “Sending you all so much love, from behind the button on my belly to the corner of your eye. Let me drink your tears and eat your mind you beautiful people.”


AURORA previously shared a new song called ‘Hunting Shadows – Assassin’s Creed’, which features in the official live-action trailer for Assassin’s Creed 15th Anniversary: Leap Into History, in September 2022. AURORA called Assassin’s Creed “one of [her] favourite games” in a statement about her involvement, adding that it “holds a special place” in her heart.

AURORA’s third album ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ was released in January 2022. In a four-star review, NME said that the album was “loaded with AURORA’s idiosyncratic quirks and enchanting notions, but it’s never purely a slave to whimsy”, calling the record AURORA’s most complete effort to date.

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