Aussie artists protest lack of government funding with new song ‘Everything Is Fine’

Created in isolation from two different states

Four Australian artists have collaborated on a new single, ‘Everything Is Fine’, written in response to the arts sector coronavirus stimulus package announced by the Australian government earlier this week.

The collaboration sees Sydney-based singer Shalane Connors and Melbourne Ska Orchestra member Nicky Bomba, combine their musical talents with filmmakers Emilio Abbonizio and Ulysses Oliver. All artists are currently in self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Connors told NME Australia that, as a working musician, she was “confused [by] the specifications that made one eligible for support”. “Last week, I actually thought that it was all going to be amended in our favour, but alas.

“‘Everything Is Fine’ was more a direct response to just being suddenly unemployed, and it was important to me that it was a collaboration with other full-time creatives who were also suddenly in this strange abyss with no jobs, and bills to pay.”

A stream for the song was released yesterday (April 9) with an accompanying video hosted on Youtube. Watch the video below.

“I wrote the song at home, then called up Nicky Bomba and said, ‘hey want to long-distance collab on something ridiculous?’,” Connors said.

According to Connors, the “isolation-creation” was shot in four hours, with cinematographer Abbonizio coming on board after he had had multiple big commercial shoots fall through and “needed a distraction from all that”.


Yesterday (April 9), Shadow Arts Minister Tony Burke criticised the Morrison Government for its $27 million arts stimulus, saying the “government is failing to properly support the arts sector when it needs it most”.

‘Everything Is Fine’ is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp now.