Aussie promoter invoices NSW government $70,000 for event rescheduling costs

T1000 Events has been forced to reschedule its New Year's Day event three times

Australian promoter T1000 Events has reportedly sent the New South Wales government an invoice for $70,000, claiming it is owed compensation from postponed events.

According to The Music Network, T1000 is invoicing the state’s Department of Premier and Cabinet after its New Year’s Day event was rescheduled three times due to government-imposed restrictions. The event is finally going ahead this Saturday (May 29) in Sydney, but T1000’s CEO Damian Gelle claimed the event cost $70,000 to reschedule.

“Each instance of rescheduling means loss of consumer confidence both in our brand and in ticketed events, and a loss of future income, as any event we push forward then takes the place of another that would have also happened,” Gelle wrote in his letter to the government.


“Then there is the expenditure that rescheduling involves; costs which should not be borne by the business, having been caused not by any decision, error or incompetence on our part, but by decisions and actions of the NSW Govt’s Premier & Cabinet.”

In addition to its New Year’s event, T1000 oversees a number of electronic and dance events. However, many of those have been postponed or otherwise unable to proceed, meaning the promoter’s financials have taken a serious hit and staff have been laid off or had hours reduced.

“The average annual turnover for T1000 in the three years prior to the pandemic was in the tens of millions, but our income has fallen over 90 per cent – and with the costs incurred by rescheduling events impacted by repeated COVID-19 restrictions, we now face serious financial hardship,” Gelle wrote.

Elsewhere throughout the letter, Gelle called for some kind of government-backed business interruption fund for the industry, a request that has been backed by various industry bodies and figures over the last year.