Australia Council for the Arts announces recipients of Four Year Funding program revised due to coronavirus

See the full list here

The Australia Council for the Arts has announced the 95 arts organisations that will share $31.7million worth of funding per annum as part of its Four Year Funding for Organisations program.

Per the published list, many of the successful organisations are performance-oriented. Among those who will receive funds are venues including Melbourne’s Substation and Sydney’s Carriageworks, as well as performance bodies like Skinnyfish Music, Canberra International Music Festival, Melbourne Jazz LTD and Queensland Music Network.

A full list is available here.


The Australia Council had previously announced it would revise the Four Year Funding program to respond to organisations’ needs amid the coronavirus pandemic. The revised program has increased the amount of funding as well as the number of organisations receiving funding, the Council said in a statement.

As a result, the first year of FYF funding will be at a reduced level (approximately 70 per cent) in order to support a greater number of “small to medium arts organisations to continue to operate”.

“This is not business as usual for anyone, and arts organisations also will need to adapt in order to weather these unprecedented times,” the statement from the Council reads.

“When we embarked on this Four Year Funding process, it was a very different landscape for the sector, and indeed the world.”

In the literary sector, Sydney Review of Books and journal The Lifted Brow were snubbed. Both organisations issued statements this morning expressing their respective disappointment.


“There’s no denying that this is a substantial blow to our plans for the coming years. We’ll regroup in the months ahead to plot a new path for the journal,” the Sydney Review of Books said. “It’s a challenging time to be engaged in a rethink like this but we’re fortunate in that we have several multi-year programs underway and plenty of projects in development.”

“We’ve never received multi-year funding, and we submitted an application that took more than a year to assemble. We’ll survive, but it’s a bummer,” The Lifted Brow added.

Per the media release, 28 of the organisations successful were not currently receiving FYF from the council, while 67 were. Funding is set to be dispensed from January 1 next year, and run until December 31, 2024.

The ACA’s announcement follows a number of other relief initiatives. On the music front, these include Sound Of Silence and the PPCA’s offer of cash advances to registered artists. 

Musicians and other industry members have also come forward with several ideas and initiatives with how you can help during this time.