Australian Music Prize 2020: Tame Impala and DMA’S among first round of nominees

The first 52 albums nominated have been revealed

The Australian Music Prize (2020) has revealed the first 52 albums nominated for its 2020 award. See the full list below.

Among the records nominated for the 16th annual prize are ‘The Glow’ by DMA’S, ‘The Slow Rush’ by Tame Impala, and ‘Sideways To New Italy’ by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

Others on the list include Alice Ivy‘s ‘Don’t Sleep’, Violent Soho‘s ‘Everything Is A-OK’, Cable Ties‘ ‘Far Enough’, ‘Our Two Skins’ by Gordi, ‘Unity’ by Gordon Koang, ‘Out In The World’ by GUM (aka Jay Watson), ‘South West’ by L-FRESH The LION and Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s ‘All In Good Time’.


Debut albums on the list include ‘Just Kids’ by Stevan, ‘Look At Us Now Dad’ by Banoffee, ‘Nyaaringu’ by Miiesha, ‘Swandream’ by Jack Colwell, ‘High Risk Behaviour’ by The Chats, ‘Is this Offensive And Loud?’ by Nat Vazer, ‘How Much Works’ by Sweet Whirl and ‘Black Thoughts’ by Ziggy Ramo.

The 52 initial nominees were selected by 41 judges from more than 300 eligible albums.

The full list of nominees will be released in December, with a shortlist revealed in late January or early February of 2021. The winner of the prize is expected to be announced in March of next year.

Last year’s prize was taken out by Sampa The Great for her record ‘The Return’. It was the second time she had won the $30,000 prize.

In April, AMP director Scott Murphy said that the cash prize for this year’s award could be affected by a loss of sponsorship revenue due to the pandemic.


Now, the AMP has revealed that it is selling official merchandise in an effort to raise the $30,000 sum for this year’s winner.

“I surveyed many people, especially artists, and they all said prize money or not, the prize should go ahead,” said Murphy in a press release.

70 per cent of sales from the newly released merchandise will go towards prize money.

The first 52 nominees for the 2020 Australian Music are:

#1 Dads – ‘Golden Repair’
5 Seconds Of Summer – ‘Calm’
Alice Ivy – ‘Don’t Sleep’
Andras – ‘Joyful’
Andrew Tuttle – ‘Alexandra’
Banoffee – ‘Look At Us Now Dad’
Big Yawn – ‘No!’
Boomalli – ‘The Promise’
Cable Ties – ‘Far Enough’
Caiti Baker – ‘Mary Of The North’
Clamm – ‘Beseech Me’
DMA’S – ‘The Glow’
e4444e – ‘Coldstream Road’
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – ‘All In Good Time’
Fanny Lumsden – ‘Fallow’
Good Boy – ‘It Takes A Lot Of Skill To Milk A Mare’
Gordi – ‘Our Two Skins’
Gordon Koang – ‘Unity’
Gum – ‘Out In The World’
Jack Colwell – ‘Swandream’
Jess Cornelius – ‘Distance’
Karate Boogaloo – ‘Carn The Boogers’
Katie Dey – ‘Mydata’
L-Fresh The Lion – ‘South West’
Loser – ‘Mindless Joy’
Luke Howard – ‘The Sand That Ate The Sea’
Mark Seymour & The Undertow – ‘Slow Dawn’
Miiesha – ‘Nyaaringu’
Mild Minds – ‘Mood’
Nat Vazer – ‘Is This Offensive And Loud?’
Nick Griffith – ‘7AM’
Party Dozen – ‘Pray For Party Dozen’
Primo! – ‘Sogni’
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Sideways To New Italy’
Roza Terenzi – ‘Modern Bliss’
RVG – ‘Feral’
Sarah Mary Chadwick – ‘Please Daddy’
Shepparton Airplane – ‘Sharks’
Simona Castricum – ‘Panic/Desire’
Snowy Band – ‘Audio Commentary’
Sophie Hutchings – ‘Scattered On The Wind’
Stevan – ‘Just Kids’
Sweet Whirl – ‘How Much Works’
Tame Impala – ‘The Slow Rush’
The Chats – ‘High Risk Behaviour’
The Friends Of David McComb – ‘Truckload Of Sky’
The Necks – ‘Three’
Tracey McNeil & The Goodlife – ‘You Be The Lightning’
Traffik Island – ‘Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam’
Vanessa Perica Orchestra – ‘Love Is A Temporary Madness’
Violent Soho – ‘Everything Is A-OK’
Ziggy Ramo – ‘Black Thoughts’

[Editor’s Note: NME contributors Sosefina Fuamoli, Mikey Cahill, Kate Hennessy and David James Young are volunteer judges for the 16th Australian Music Prize.]