Axl Rose criticises officials choosing not to enforce California beach closures

"Can the hospitals 'choose' not to admit any possible Covid-19 suspected beach goers?"

Axl Rose has criticised local officials in California for choosing not to enforce beach closures during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Guns N’ Roses frontman took issue with protesters who have taken to the streets of some of California’s cities to demonstrate against Governor Gavin Newsom’s order to close Orange County beaches to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

On Thursday (April 30), Newsom proposed that the beaches be closed, stating that it was too soon to lift the state’s stay-at-home order. Two lawsuits were later filed by the cities of Dana Point and Huntington Beach; the Orange County Sheriff said he would not enforce the order; and scores of protesters flooded Huntington Beach to demonstrate against the action.


“Q: If the Sheriffs can choose not to enforce the beach closures can the hospitals ‘choose’ not to admit any possible Covid-19 suspected beach goers? Just askin’…” Rose tweeted on Saturday (May 2).

As of today (May 3), the number of coronavirus cases reported in Orange County is 2,636 with 52 confirmed deaths.

Last month, Susan Holmes McKagan, the wife of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, revealed the band are “working fastidiously” on new music during the coronavirus lockdown.

“I will say GNR have been working fastidiously on some killer new stuff,” Susan said while appearing on the Appetite For Distortion podcast. “And I can’t say much, but I’ve heard bits and bobs and it’s pretty epic.


Meanwhile, Slash has suggested that changes in the way albums are released has prompted a delay with Guns N’ Roses first album in more than a decade.

The legendary guitarist spoke at a music convention in January, telling that “stuff is happening” with regards to a new LP “but there are no specifics.” He continued: “More than anything, it’s because of the nature of the industry right now.”