Axl Rose says his political tweets come “from a sense of outrage, obligation n’ responsbility”

The Guns N' Roses frontman recently used his social media platform to speak out against the US Surgeon General

Axl Rose has defended his politically outspoken tweets in a new post, saying they come “from a sense of outrage, obligation n’ responsibility”.

The Guns N’ Roses frontman has often used his Twitter account to criticise Donald Trump and yesterday (July 4) spoke out against the US Surgeon General.

“My disdain 4 current administration n’ what I perceive as its threat to democracy is no secret,” he tweeted today (July 5). “I’m not all that active w/social media n’ tho I more than appreciate anyone who takes an interest in something I might post I don’t really have an interest in how many followers or retweets etc. I have as my political or social issue posts rn’t about me. They’re about the issues.”



He continued: “In general my posts in regard to current events, politics or social issues r usually coming from a sense of outrage, obligation n’ responsibility to say something at times when I feel not to is being complicit (as opposed to a desire for attention or self promotion.)

“I’m nobody, just a citizen that like everyone else has my own opinions n’ believes in my heart that ultimately I want what’s best for not just r country but for humanity, wildlife n’ r environment n’ other’s as opposed to right, left or any other wing fascism r at least in this country free to disagree.”

Rose added that some people might consider his tweets “a lewd or immature response or opinion”, but said he would “voice an opinion” when someone in the government or public eye “says or does something that in my view supports or caters to the irresponsibility of this administration or various issues w/government or law enforcement”.


In his tweets yesterday, the musician called US Surgeon General Jerome Adams a “coward” and a “piece of shit” over comments he had made about Fourth of July celebrations. Rose also urged Adams to resign after he said American citizens “had to look at their individual risk” before attending any Independence Day gatherings.

In May, the frontman became embroiled in a Twitter feud with US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin after he criticised the government figure for how he handled the impact of coronavirus on the US economy.

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