Aya Yves shares compelling new single ‘Brave’

The artist's fourth single to date

Aya Yves has shared a stunning new single titled ‘Brave’, co-written with Bri Clark, Josh Lovegrove and Jordi White.

The new track is her fourth single to date, following ‘Dear E.’, ‘Smart Girls’, ‘Don’t Start Now’ and ‘(in)Sanity’.

‘Brave’ was produced by Xavier Dunn (Jack River, CXLOE, GRAACE, Carmada, Peking Duk) and mixed by Chris Collins, with whom Yves collaborated on all her previous releases.


Listen to ‘Brave’ below:

According to Yves, her new single was initially centred around “being scared of new relationships”, but took on a new meaning as she worked on it.

“But I wasn’t going into a new relationship, and as the song progressed it started taking on a new meaning for me,” Yves said.

“I’d recently moved cities, quit my day job in pursuit of full time music and I was terrified. I had to back myself and believe in the journey.”

Yves continued: “I see ‘Brave’ as a reminder to myself that change is good, and growth happens outside your comfort zone”.


“The feeling in the writing room that day for me was one of coming home, which is a rare feeling for someone who’s lived out of home since age 15. It holds such a special place in my heart, and I get that feeling back every time I get to perform it.”

In November, Yves was selected to join Montaigne for the very first Express Yourself – Queer Discovery music showcase.

The showcase was a joint initiative between Mardi Gras and APRA AMCOS, and consisted of three music showcases featuring emerging LGBTQI+ artists performing alongside an established headliner.