B Wise announces second album ‘jamie’ for August release

Featuring Onefour, Sampa the Great and Milan Ring

South West Sydney rapper B Wise has shared details of his second studio album, ‘jamie’.

The album, announced today (July 28), is the follow-up to the rapper’s 2018 debut ‘Area Famous’. It will feature collaborations from the likes of Sampa the Great, JessB, Milan Ring and Blessed.

The album’s announcement was preceded by a string of singles across 2020 and 2021, all of which will feature on the album: ‘Think Twice’ with Kojey Radical, ‘Won’t Stop’ with Onefour, ‘Summer Fr3aks’ with Manu Crooks, ‘WHO?!’ and ‘B the One’ with Becca Hatch.


Watch the video for ‘B the One’ below:

In a press statement, B Wise described ‘jamie’ as “a reintroduction”, and reflective of his change in sound in the years since ‘Area Famous’.

“I wanted to show more layers of my personality, so people can relate to me on a personal level and my journey as I grow as an artist,” he said.

“I had a vision to shine light on the region through collaborations with so many amazing artists, most of whom are like family to me.

“I couldn’t have done it without them or my team behind the scenes that worked tirelessly to ensure the vision was executed correctly, despite the challenging times we’re currently faced with.”


‘jamie’ is set for release on August 20 via Semi Pro Sound.

B Wise’s ‘jamie’ tracklist is:

1. ‘APEX’
2. ‘Won’t Stop (feat. Onefour)’
3. ‘On My Soul (feat. Juvé)’
4. ‘WHO?!’
5. ‘Think Twice (feat. Kojey Radical)’
6. ‘Jamie Overstreet’
7. ‘B the One (feat. Becca Hatch)’
8. ‘U Say’
9. ‘Dus Ya Feet Off (feat. JessB)’
10. ‘Summer Fr3aks (feat. Manu Crooks)’
11. ‘Heavies’
12. ‘Black Visionary (feat. Blessed)’
13. ‘Ezinna (feat. Sampa the Great & Milan Ring)’

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