Watch BABYMONSTER cover BLACKPINK’s ‘Stay’ on ‘Last Evaluation’

The new episode also features a special appearance from BLACKPINK’s Lisa

BABYMONSTER trainees Asa, Haram, Rora and Chiquita have covered BLACKPINK’s song ‘Stay’ for the latest episode of Last Evaluation.

YG Entertainment has unveiled the third episode of Last Evaluation, through which the agency will decide the final line-up of its new K-pop girl group BABYMONSTER in a series of challenges.

The trainees were previously split into two groups: Ahyeon, Ruka and Pharita for a cover of Rosé’s ‘Gone’ in episode two, and Asa, Haram, Rora and Chiquita for BLACKPINK’s 2016 track ‘Stay’ in the new episode.


Their take on ‘Stay’ includes new melodies at some parts of the song, as well as a re-written rap section by Asa in the second verse. Its instrumental remained true to the original’s stripped-down acoustic.

The four trainees’ performance of ‘Stay’ was criticised by AKMU’s Su-hyun and WINNER’s Yoon for appearing “tired” and “stiff”. However, YG Entertainment producer CHOICE37 singled out Chiquita to praise her for being able to “draw people in” with her performance.

Later in the episode, the BABYMONSTER trainees were assigned their first performance mission as a seven-member act: a cover of BLACKPINK’s 2019 B-side ‘Don’t Know What To Do’. The group were soon joined by BLACKPINK main dancer Lisa in the practice room, who observed their performance.

“I think it’s good! But there’s no strength control in their movements,” Lisa commented, before going on the help the trainees correct the finer details in the choreography.

BABYMONSTER’s full cover of ‘Don’t Know What To Do’ will be unveiled in the next episode of Last Evaluation, which will be released on March 31.


In a teaser, it is revealed that they would be receiving individual ranks, and that the lowest-ranking trainee would be eliminated from the group.

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